Friday, 26 April 2013

So...I went and adopted a Tiger :D.

So, let me explain my day today...
I woke up not very happy, in a lot of pain and feeling pretty damn crappy. It resulted in me not making it to my morning rehearsal for a play called Herons, so I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I felt like I needed to something productive, so i got up and began more work on my Personal Development Program (the main piece of coursework I do for my degree).
Whilst typing I had the TV on in the back ground, like I always do..."How I Met Your Mother" was playing out - one of my favorite shows...not distracting at all :p. When, an advert came on the telly that immediately caught my attention...

As some of you may know WWF are an association that work towards keeping endangered species of animal alive and safe from poachers. This advert was specifically talking about Bengal Tigers. They are currently being targeted by poachers, caught in traps, bleeding to death, and having their body parts used for illegal medicine and sold on.

 As some of you may know tigers have been my favourite animal for my whole life..closely followed by rabbits, because as much as i would like to pull a Princess Jasmine, I can't have a Tiger as a pet. However...I can adopt one and keep it safe from the terrible people who feel it is ok to harm them. And.. since I was feeling really crappy I could think of nothing better to make me feel good then doing something to make the world we live in just that little bit lovelier. So I now give £3 a month to keeping a tiger safe and happy. And you know what... That makes me feel incredibly happy.

Tigers aren't the only animal you can adopt. So, I urge you if you have a favourite animal who is struggling to survive, please just go on to and have a look around. What harm can it do? £3 really isn't that much when you think about it, and it really does make you feel good about yourself. I cannot wait for my sponsor pack to arrive at my home address.

Have a productive and happy day today people...and happy sponsoring ;).