Monday, 29 July 2013

July Monthly Favourites :)

Hello Everyone, :)

I would love to start posting my blog on my Facebook and Twitter for everyone to read, but before I do that I feel I need to beef it up with some more posts. Its a year on from when I started this blog and I just don't feel I've done it justice yet. So, in an attempt to do this, I am adding a new addition of genre to my blog. As well as being a performance, university student and what I'm up to blog, I will now also be doing a few beauty blogs :) as I am a very girly girl and love all things pretty. So, my first beauty blog is going to be a monthly favourites, inspired by two of my favourite YouTubers - Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter.

So lets kick off with my 10 July favourites -

Number 1 - Wake Me Up Rimmel Foundation 

This product is my favourite foundation yet. I love it so much I will actually be purchasing it again tomorrow with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. It has great coverage, is not cakey, and is pretty damn easy to apply. Definitely a must have.

Number 2 - Carrie Underwood, Some Hearts 

Now I know that this is not a beauty product, but I just had to put this album in my favourites.There is not one song on this album that I don't like, and her voice is absolutely beautiful. And, since I am a lyrics girl, I can really relate to them - the lyrics of her songs are so well written
. A few of my favourite songs are: "Jesus, take the wheel", "Don't forget to remember me" and "Before he cheats". Amazing Album. Bought it a couple of days ago off Itunes, after having a few of her songs for ages, and have listened to it every day since.

Number 3 - Barry M, Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint 

I have always loved Barry M nail paints, however the Gelly Hi Shine are in a league of their own in my opinion. They have amazing bright colours and they are hard wearing. Also, since I love having long nails they help to prevent my nails for breaking which is a big bonus (especially when you're a contemporary dancer, and a theatre student). Also, since we are going through a little bit of a summer right  now, why not have cute colourful nails? My two favourite shades that I'm sporting at the moment are number 328 - Guava (introduced to me by my bestie Kathy who's blog I shall link at the bottom) and number 327 - Blue Grape.

 Number 4 - Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in shade 544 

This was a purchase I made in Poland and I absolutely the love it. The colour is absolutely spectacular, it smells amazing, and it doesn't have that horrible taste like some lip glosses have which is a major bonus. Its very pigmented and comes out a wonderful pink. YouTubers are absolutely raving about Inglot at the moment, so I would really recommend looking at the range. Their stores in England are in London, White City Westfeilds Shopping Centre and Cambridge Grafton Shopping Centre. Or take a look at their cosmetics website - Thought Id insert some swabs below of the different colours just in case you're purchasing online. 

Number 5 - Real Techniques Foundation and Powder Brushes (including No 7 Make up Brush Cleanser) 

This brushes actually came to my attention by the many beauty videos I watch on YouTube, and they are known to be some of the best drug store brushes to purchase, and I completely agree. They apply product really nicely and are very soft brushes. They have the best handles to help with application and they are not difficult to clean. 
To clean my brushes on a normal day when I have university, or something to do, I use No 7's Make Up Brush Cleanser  as this does the job really nicely and efficiently. It is recommended you deep clean your brushes monthly. 

Number 6 - Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Liner in shade 012 Bronze 

Rimmel seems to be my favourite drug store brand at the moment :P, however this is my favourite eye liner pencil recently. It is so pigmented and applies really nicely. I just really really like it. 


Number 7 - Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Contour Kit 

This kit I purchased a while ago however I recently started to use it a lot more. This kit, I would say, is more for the dark hair, brown eyes combination girls. I use this kit mostly for my eyebrows as it contains the perfect shade from them, however it also comes with concealer, and two eyeshadows. It also comes with a blending brush and an angled brush for application. Its quite small so its a nice compact to carry around. It is a little bit more expensive being Benefit, however I would say this kit is worth the money.

Number 8 - Jimmy Choo Perfume 

This Perfume I have worn since last year, but since this is my first monthly favourites I had to include it. It is my go to and signature scent, meaning people can actually tell it's me as I always wear it :p. It just smells amazing, and I get a lot of compliments on it. It also stays with you throughout the day so you don't have to constantly apply it. It is a little pricey so it does make a nice present on your birthday :P or like I do you can save up your boots points and use them when buying it :).

Number 9 - Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Acrylic Gel 

This is an amazing base coat, and really protects your nails from any colours you may put on top. Ive been using it for a while now and it helps to keep the nail varnish from chipping and strengthens your nails really nicely. It is a little pricey but when compared with Nails Inc and OPI it is a pretty good buy. And if you paint your nails a lot, it helps to stop them from staining, as no one wants yellowy nails. Or it you wear a lot of fake nails, it helps the repair process once they've been taken off.

And Finally Number 10 - Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion

This product was introduced to me by my university friend Rachel, she was putting it on and I just remember saying - "That smells amazing!". The best smelling moisturiser I have smelt in a while. I purchased it straight away and since it's Vaseline it also leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft :).

So, that is all my favourites for July, hope you enjoyed this blog, and I will hopefully will be doing one of these every month. I'm hoping to blog a lot more in the recent future and be a lot more commited.. fingers crossed :).


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