Saturday, 12 July 2014

My bucket list :)

This has been a long long time coming. But I'm glad I waited to do this as I think I finally have a better idea of the person I really am. I like to live in the moment and be spontaneous. I like to laugh out loud realllyyyy loudly, sing every second of the day and wear really bright colours. I don't really know what the future holds for me, and that's ok, because whatever it is I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it. Let's be honest, who really knows where they will be in 5 years time? If someone asks me when I'm all old and frail to look back on my life and describe it in one word I would like to say "happy". And I'd like to look back and recall my memories of all these events...
Some of these have been/ will be ticked off, just so you know I'm serious about doing all of these.

1. Go out in a torrential rain storm just to dance, laugh and get absolutely drenched.
2. Dye my hair purple. All over. Like "boom! that girl's hair is purple" purple
3. Paraglide (TICK)
4. Own an apartment with fresh flowers on my dresser, a dressing table with an ikea draw make up collection, and a walk-in closet, over looking a busy city or the sea
5. Perform on a London stage more times than I can count on my fingers
6. Start performing randomly in big cities all over the world. Spontaneous street performing.
7. See a broadway show (TICK)
8. Own a pair of Christian louboutins
9. Bungee jump
10. Cliff dive
11. Sky dive (hopefully going indoor sky diving for my 20th and taking the big real deal leap for my 21st :))
12. See the world. (My friend Sophie gave me the idea of getting a scratch off map to keep track of my travels)
13. Go to disney land Florida and wear a princess dress and Minnie Mouse ears ALL DAY.
14. See the northern lights
15. Walk the Great Wall of China
16. Write my name on the Berlin Wall
17. Take a road trip across America
18. See the stars and I mean really see them. Star gaze in a place where there are no artificial lights
19. Write a book. Maybe several.
20. Own A LOT of pets
21. Meet a tiger. In a zoo obviously.
22. Go to the airport with a packed bag and some money. Number all the flights leaving that day and ask someone to choose a number. Get on that flight and explore wherever I end up
23. See the big Christmas tree. You know the one I'm talking about. The one in home alone two ;)
24. Host a massive gatsby style party
25. Create my own theatre company

This is not everything I want to do, but I felt like it was a good start to my list. I'll update on each one I tick off. It will take me a long time but I'll enjoy every second of it. What's on your bucket list?

Lisa-Nicole xo

Friday, 11 July 2014

Breaking the Silence

Wow it has been so long since I blogged. Insanely long. I absolutely love blogging but with the stressful year I had at university it happened to take a back seat. But now with it being summer I cannot wait to start it up again properly. You see - with my blog before I always had really random posts with quite long intervals. But this time I would like to have regular blogs. So fingers crossed I keep to it. I want this blog to be more about what makes me happy. Whether that be my achievements, what I have been up to, or knowing me - what I spend hopeless amounts of money on. Yes, my spending problem continues to strive. Yay for my bank account -.-. So for my re opening blog post of this summer I decided to make a list off the top of my head of all the things that make me happy :).

- The colour yellow
- The warm fuzzy feeling you get from cuddles with someone very special
- Fluffy, cozy slippers
- The feeling you get coming out of the cinema after watching an awesome film
- Ticking things off my bucket lists
- Catching up with my friends
- Singing really badly and loudly in the shower pretty much everywhere I go
- Laughing till my stomach hurts
- Spending time with my family
- The Theatre - anywhere, anytime, watching anything. The stage just makes me so happy.
- Acting <3 words just cannot express. Performing will always be my first love.
- Comfortable silences
- Going to sleep in a busy area. I like background noise.
- Doing stupid things with my sister unintentionally. This happens more than you would think
- Reading a book you just can't put down
- Bubble baths
- Those second day hair, no make up days
- A song with really good lyrics
- Having a productive day
- The feeling after you finish a work out
- Puppies. Husky puppies
- Reminiscing. I love talking over old memories with my nearest and dearest
- Walking or running in refreshing rain
- Eating what I want - I get so much joy from this. Fuck the diets.
- Little heart felt surprises
- Being able to waste my time with someone special. If it makes you happy it's time well spent
- Learning something new
- Travelling - seeing the culture and beautiful scenery of somewhere new
- Doing something for a good cause. It may sound stupid but the £3 I give to tigers every month makes me feel very happy as they are my favourite animal. And the fact I will be venturing out to Morrocco to help under privileged children just.... I can't even explain how excited and grateful I am to have such an amazing opportunity. To help and to experience. I may have reached my target but I will continue to fundraise :)
- Having interesting skills like stilt walking
- Acrobatics makes me so happy. It's so much fun.
- Bed. A lie in, an early night, I just love it
- A piece of work I've enjoyed doing to the best of my ability
- That just showered and moisturised feeling
- Cuddling with my teddies. Not ashamed at all
- Those days when you have nothing to do and have a duvet day 
- Sometimes I like watching "bad" TV. Made in Chelsea is a love. Must start watching gossip girl. 
- Doing my nails and make up. Sometimes getting ready is better than the night out 
- Those nights in with a bottle of wine and deep meaningful conversations 
- Getting tipsy with your course mates and talking to anyone and everyone 
- Having a girly clubbing night where dancing is the main priority

That's quite a list! Think I had better stop there but I would encourage everyone to do this! It made me feel really happy and I enjoyed writing it!
Think I might take on the 100 happy days challenge on Instagram. Hmm we'll see :). 

Lisa-Nicole xo